Electronic Working Papers

WorkPapers is an audit, investigation, and documentation project management electronic working papers program designed for financial auditors, systems auditors, penetration testers, attorneys, investigators, compliance managers, and others. Most recently, WorkPapers has aided in numerous Sarbanes-Oxley internal control testing projects.

If you are a Sarbanes-Oxley project manager or an internal audit manager, and you are still fumbling with Microsoft Word and Microsoft Excel in managing projects, tracking status, and reporting results, then this tool is definitely for you!

Download the free trial software and see what we are talking about. You are welcome to use the software for an unlimited amount of time, however, unregistered copies are limited to 15 task inputs (work steps) in total.

For a quick glance at a screen shot, please click here.


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WorkPapers Lite

A single license of WorkPapers Lite only costs US$39.95. Please press the purchase link for more information.

WorkPapers Standard

WorkPapers Standard includes all of the features in WorkPapers Lite, plus the following:

A single license of WorkPapers Standard only costs US$199.95. Please press the purchase link for more information.

To download WorkPapers for a free test drive, please click here.

To purchase WorkPapers, please click here.

The full version of the software includes online support, and one year of free updates. Updates occur monthly to quarterly.

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Please note that the latest version of WorkPapers is compatible with Windows '98 thru Windows XP and OSX version 10.3.9 and later.

The trial version is fully functional without time restrictions, but limits input of up to 15 work steps. Please include this web site in your bookmarks as upgrades to the software occur frequently and include new features. The development also actively fields improvement requests from end-users. If you feel that you have an improvement request, please send email to [email protected].

For information about pricing and versions, including education and government discounts, please click here.

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