This is a respository of WorkPapers templates that can be used for your audit projects. WorkPapers templates are very straightforward, since the templates are WorkPapers files that are saved as another name after all worksteps have been input, but before results are recorded.

We strongly encourage you to share your WorkPapers templates with the WorkPapers community. This will make the tool more beneficial for all of us beyond the functionality already offered by the software. If you have a WorkPapers template to offer to our user community, please send it to [email protected]

WorkPapers v1.x Templates

WorkPapers v2.x Templates

To assemble a template for distribution:

  1. Create a work program and input the work steps and other pertinent information necessary for effective execution of the audit/project. Most likely, most of this information will be input into the top four tabs.
  2. Once the work program is complete, while the WorkPapers project file for that audit is open, click on 'File' -> 'Export Program'.
  3. Send this WorkPapers Export File (*.wef file) to a branch office, to an associate, or to Bizolutions to share your planning and preparation work.

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